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Cot, 2010 by Elizabeth M. Hamilton

It’s been an amazing week so far. I’m still on school holidays, so I got to spend lots and lots of time with my boyfriend. Yesterday I was interviewed for an internship position at a commercial art gallery at Rushcutters Bay. It didn’t feel like an interview for me, the curatorial manager and I talked for 40 minutes! it went really good. She emailed and offered me the job 2 hours after the interview. I was and still am ecstatic! I’ll start next week and assist with preparation for Melbourne Art Fair. Also, I finally bought a new Macbook Pro. I couldn’t be happier. :)


Pipilotti Rist, Regenfrau (I Am Called a Plant), 1998

Backstage at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp Show 2012

by david shrigley (+)

Xu Bing, A book from the sky, 1991 

#8 Water and Persian Rugs, 2004Jalal Sepehr

Yohji Yamamoto - SSAW #5 Spring/Summer 2014

Azabala SS14

COS Spring/Summer 2014

Joseph Beuys, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965
One of the artist’s most famous performances, Beuys covered his head first with honey, and then with fifty dollars worth of gold leaf. He cradles a dead hare in his arms, and strapped an iron plate to the bottom of his right shoe. Viewed from behind glass in the gallery, the audience could see Beuys walking from drawing to drawing, quietly whispering in the dead rabbit’s ear. As he walked around the room, the silence was pierced by intermittent sound of his footsteps; the loud crack of the iron on the floor, and the soundless whisper of the sole of shoe. (via)

Tamotsu Fujii

Moisés Mahiques - After-head Study LVIII, 2011

Josef Albers — Structural Constellations, 1958.